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Born on the glittering shores of the French Riviera, Miami-based entrepreneur Mathieu Massa first fostered an appreciation for the hospitality business in the South of France where dining and nightlife continually attract the elites from around the world.

Massa had the opportunity to travel around the globe and develop a strong understanding of its varied cultures while honing his passion for the hospitality business. His travels included stops in Shanghai (China), Dubai (UAE), Tokyo (Japan), Florianópolis (Brazil), Havana (Cuba), Moscow (Russia), Istanbul (Turkey), Berlin (Germany), Milan (Italy), London (United Kingdom), and Ibiza (Spain). Mathieu studied at the prestigious school H.E.C in Paris and received his MBA in 2007 from Babson College in Boston.

In 2009, Massa settled in Miami and founded Mr | Hospitality along with partner Michael Ridard. The company functions as a food and beverage management group that owns and operates several restaurants and nightlife destinations.



Originally from Cannes, France, Michael Ridard started from the bottom. Through hard work and determination, he learned all aspects of the restaurant business and quickly became respected in the world of hospitality.

Ridard gained exposure working in some of France’s finest establishments such as Sky Beach, Tantra and Le Bâoli in Cannes.

Following his passion in hospitality, Ridard made his move oversees to work at Bâoli Miami, quickly learning the ins and outs of the restaurant and entertainment business.

Over the years, Ridard has developed an exceptional aptitude at learning the American culture and meeting the needs of the continuous demanding clientele.

Ridard’s strong leadership and passion for the industry has inspired many others, which has allowed Mr. Hospitality to build a team of great talents.